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I will not explain how great, I am at the art of fighting with words. I will through videos, I allow anyone to see. That want to see. I achieved a blue belt and I know how to choose peace as my very first decision. Never fear what can happen fear that you might use violence before a peaceful decision. A enemy or challenger or opponent as a friend is more important than who embarrasses y’all for trying a peaceful path around physical harm. We should know we all are God’s children.

I remember singing on the bay when I was very young, my cousin Mario, would join in when I point at him and we would walk the bay as far as we felt comfortable and then back singing. The first time I listened to rap I was very young. And I prayed to God in Heaven I get that job. I do care about the money to the point that I can buy anything I want or to get near that point. But when it comes to how much I need to make is up to God. I was in middle school when a owner of a liquor store heard me freestyle and was impressed. I wrote songs for him and, he would encourage me as a young man to not cuss and be sensitive about the violence I put in it. But I didn’t obey his advice. I started again a few years later and I started to record my songs over a producer, home his name was shy. Fast foward I started to got to several churches and at that time write again one of my songs “Peaceful Tears I Cry” on Spotify have over one thousand views (1,000). Click the link below for a video of a song I did along with some elders in the Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints church.

I remember walking to the library with my mother Dorothy. I was 11 years old and she would walk me there to get books to read. But only a few times I got reading book. Most of the time I got “how to draw books”. I would sometimes draw the math teacher on top of my test paper and I would be drawing in other classes when we should be doing school work. Once the elementary school had a play going on and I with a few of the others, was asked to draw for the play. I drew a parrot and the art teacher and a few other people expressed their amazement of what I drew. I have a feeling you (ya’ll) will enjoy this….